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About us

            Complx7 is a Multi-Service Collective based in Pontiac, Michigan and is recognized as the newest influence in underground innovations. Complx7 is also "umbrella" to a number of commercial and mixed media services like Pontiac Jack, BurningBush Studios and more. For the New Year, Complx7 would like to present their custom line made to represent self-awareness and social-actualization. From out-right text to subliminal messaging, there isn't an esteem that can't be captured. Weather on hoodies, socks, fitted-caps or sneakers; every element is designed to describe you and your mystique. Helping you in reminding everyone of who you are and what you stand for. 
The difference is in the meaning. In the simple things like, what the daily color is or even; how expressive should I be while still looking the part? Yet for every garment, there are 2 perspectives Complx7 wishes to incept into our daily views. One of which, is to introduce "The 7 Complexities". It works such as "Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. However, it is perceive like the Elements and Principles of Fine Arts. While the elements and principles explain, "what" art is considered; The 7 Complexities explain "how" Art, Design and Communication are produced and interpreted. They are call complexities because the rules are based on "intentions". 
             7 Complexities of Art, Design and Communication
 The second is in its awareness and usages. Thus called "The Domino Theory". "What I do today can and will effect someone or something, I am unaware of."
Wearing the Domino, symbolizes you are aware of your "effect" no matter how complex the intent. You accept "you" and unapologetically own your abilities. You are aware of your perception and your power in hopes to use it, to better the world around you. As we enter in to the future as an unsure present and a historically selfless-past, we encourage the look forward. Continue to be way. Sharing lessons in creativity and stories of immortality. It is our pleasure to lead this new era with a variety of collections both to enlighten and create a space. Unguarded, loud, and meaningful. Where the love to live is Inspired by the Chaos in life". 
Collection Release(s);
"Herstory" (Queen-Collection) - May 12, 2021 
"Thug Culture" - June 16, 2021
"How We YAK" - November 20, 2021
"United Regime" (Collection) -  N/A
With more to be listed....
Please Contact us for any Quality or Service issues and we provide our best during the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. Complx7 aims to delivery something new every month from textures, memes and honorary references. This matched with high-quality, non-fading fabrics and fast delivery. 
Complx7: Domino